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Little Maysoor

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Little Maysoor is a family run business who have a fervent desire to make a change in the Ummah. They are committed to delivering the very best learning resources for children, specifically aged between 5-9 to learn Arabic. With Islam being the world's fastest growing faith, the need to learn and teach our kids Arabic has [...]



ZEFACO was founded in 1980's, in Lahore Pakistan. Our company is a professional enterprise sepecialized in the production and processing of engineering plastics and insulating materials. Our company is one of the long-term material suppliers. We are specialized in manufacturing parts (gears, rings, seals, etc) of Engineering Plastic and Insulating material products accordingly to [...]

Insiyabi Pakistan

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Company Brief Insiyabi Pakistan, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications Pakistan, is an Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Integrator, which consists of strategic consultants and engineers with expertise in IT planning, network design, In-building design, system implementation, project management, and other aspects related to IT and telecom systems. CMS Portal [...]


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One of the widest platforms in Pakistan allowing young writers, entrepreneurs, artists and talents to emerge and showcase their skill for the nation to witness. Mirifical proudy declares the expressions and opinions without any prejudice, by giving you information on all current affairs, latest trends, news and upcoming insights om every sector of the [...]